Sometimes decorating your home involves compromise.  I guess people like to take both the wants and needs of both the husband and the wife when creating a color palette or decorating an interior.  I had heard a story of an interesting display through a friend, she made mention of the mounted deer head she had in her house that she couldn’t stand to look at.

She said it made her husband so happy having it there that she couldn’t take it down. Seeking to find a way to dress up the mounted deer head in a way she could stand it; she got creative.  Of course, you know that I had to go out and take a look for myself!  This is what I saw:decorative-deer-head


I kinda love this frame, but anyway, I’m happy to hear her hubby’s reaction was positive. On another note, I’ve been wanting to hear new creative ideas for Taxidermy trophy displays so this was right up my alley. If you have anything to add leave your interesting or creative ideas and responses in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.